Yoga retreats in Bali? Go for Sumba instead!

Are you looking to organise a yoga retreat in Bali? Hold up! We’ll list some great reasons to pick Sumba instead. 


Why Sumba?

Bali has tons of options when it comes to adequate venues, so why would you pick Sumba? If you’ve already had the pleasure of visiting Sumba, you probably already know why. If you haven’t, take the time to learn some things about this amazing island:


  • Sumba is what Bali used to be 30 years ago. The remote island is the most authentic and genuine place you will ever set foot on. You won’t see tourists, you won’t even meet fellow yogi’s or guru’s. You will experience complete silence, without any sound or light pollution at night.
  • Your retreat will be exclusive. If you make all the effort of leaving your western urban studio behind for a week, you’ve got to make sure the alternative is the complete opposite. Turn it into an experience you’ll never forget. Did you know Sumba is more than twice the size of Bali, but welcomes less than 1% of its tourists? Think of all the room and breathing space you’ll have!
  • Sumba is home to the last animist culture. It doesn’t have the Hindu influence that Bali has, but still – no place is as spiritual as Sumba. The animist culture is still engrained in all layers of society. Combine your retreat with visiting traditional villages like Ratenggaro, or one of the many ancient festivals.
  • Unspoiled nature. You won’t stand in line to visit a waterfall or take a photo of the nice scenery. Just enjoy the beautiful hills, endless white beaches with crystal clear waters, turquoise lagoons, and wild horses along the road. After all, a retreat should be a holiday too! 



Organize your retreat at Maringi Sumba

For five years, we have been welcoming international yoga instructors from all over the world to our resort. Our open-air Shala is tucked away in the northern corner of the resort. The pavilion is completely made from bamboo and hosts 10 people easily. Maringi Sumba Resort offers 9 rooms: 5 comfortable bamboo pavilions and 4 pool villas. Every room has all the luxury you need to have a great stay. For your retreat, you will be able to have the whole resort for yourself, including a communal area, bar & restaurant, kitchen, and swimming pool.

Your retreat directly contributes to the future of Sumba

When your guests enjoy the retreat, every single one of them is contributing to the future of Sumba. Why? Maringi Sumba is part of the Sumba Hospitality Foundation. This means that every euro, dollar, or rupiah earned, will be invested in the education of high-potential youngsters from poor families. Learn more about the foundation.   

Sneak peek: the first designs of our new Shala

We have started building an extra bamboo Shala, even better positioned on the land, with beautiful views and complete privacy. Have a look at the designs and let us know what you think! 



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