Fall in love with Sumba, over and over again. Our students, coming from all corners of the island, are ready to take you behind the scenes and introduce you to the countless wonders of nature, the Sumbanese culture, delicious food, and so much more. From adventure, over culture, to the ultimate relaxation, we have it.

At Maringi Sumba you have the opportunity to practise yoga in a unique environment. Our open-air bamboo yoga shala is a 200-square-metre space in the middle of our permaculture garden. It is the perfect place to achieve ultimate relaxation. Yoga practitioners from all over the world have visited Maringi to share their special styles of yoga.

Depending on availability, you can take part in a morning yoga class during your stay. If you wish, you can also book a 75-minute private lesson for IDR 250,000.

Maringi’s Bamboo Yoga Shala

Host a retreat with us

Maringi Sumba is a unique location for your yoga retreat. Tucked away in a green oasis, the hotel is a real-life learning environment for 60 students of the Sumba Hospitality School.

Maringi’s yoga shala offers 200 square metres of space for practising, lectures and workshops. Constructed from bamboo and surrounded by our permaculture garden, reconnecting with Mother Earth is enhanced.

Hosting a retreat with us means investing in the personal growth of the practitioners and that of the SHF students.

Maringi is happy to host and learn from your own yogic practices.

This can be through retreats or a Yoga Teacher Training (YTT). In addition to full board accommodation, we offer different “yogic blocks” that you can choose and combine according to your needs. In this way, you can create a tailored schedule taking into account your wishes, while respecting the capacities of
The following blocks can be chosen:

  • Ibu Bumi, introduction to “Mother Earth philosophy”
  • CircYoular, rethink waste through upcycling workshops
  • Earth Care, introduction to the principles of permaculture
  • Spirit of Sumba, introduction to the Sumbanese culture
  • Discover Sumba, day trips to explore the island
  • Maringi Spa, enjoy relaxing treatments at our in-house spa


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Maringi’s Bamboo Yoga Shala

Are you looking to organise a yoga retreat in Bali? Hold up! We’ll list some great reasons to pick Sumba instead.    Why Sumba? Bali has tons of options when it comes to adequate venues, so why would you pick Sumba? If you’ve already had the pleasure of visiting Sumba, you
For five years now, yoga teachers from all over the world have been using our Shala to house yoga classes for beginners and experts. Sumba has proven to be an excellent location for yoga: peaceful, secluded, and far off the beaten track. Many guests at Maringi have (re)discovered their
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