Top 3 relaxing destinations worldwide in 2022

top 3 relaxing destinations

For many people, a holiday isn’t complete without an elaborate wellness experience. But where is the most relaxing place to vacation? Based on scores and reviews of all wellness activities on TripAdvisor, this is the 2022 top 3 of best wellness destinations in the world:   

  1. Thailand
  2. Indonesia
  3. Maledives


Thailand leads the scoreboard with a total wellness retreat score of 9.5/10. Thailand is home to some of the most therapeutic and luxurious retreats in the world. This ‘spa capital of Asia’ ranks in the top position, with better reviews for wellness activities and resorts than any other destination.  

In second place is Indonesia with a total wellness retreat score of 8.5/10. From Bali to lesser-known Islands like Sumba, Indonesia is the ideal place to start a journey of self-discovery, health and healing. Indonesia is one of our top countries for a wellness retreat, thanks to its hot climate, hospitable people and highly rated wellness and spa activities.  

Runner up, in third place, is the Maldives with a total wellness retreat score of 8.5/10 as well. Famous for its tranquil, white sandy beaches and marine life, the Maldives has something for everyone – and its wellness retreats don’t disappoint.  


Bali wellness retreats 2022 

Bali has been the most popular destination for wellness travel in Indonesia since decades, and this year has been no exception. The island has many spas and resorts offering a variety of treatments like the traditional Balinese massage. Bali also has a wide range of health and wellbeing activities like yoga and meditation.  

The neighbouring Island Lombok is another great option for people looking for wellness travel. The island is home to several luxury resorts that offer a variety of treatments and services. There are also many smaller, more intimate spas and wellness centres that offer a more personal experience. 


Sumba island, with unique wellness accommodation   

Relatively new to the wellness scene is Sumba. Post-pandemic travel has made world travellers look for new destinations and discover Sumba. The island has a unique proposition: it has the perfect climate for outside wellness as it’s hotter and dryer than Bali. Apart from the perfect weather, Sumba offers the ultimate tranquillity and unspoiled magic that Thailand and Bali might have lost along the way.  

top 3 relaxing destinations


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