Sumba Maringi Hotel: the ultimate relaxing destination

maringi sumba relaxing destination

You probably already know Bali as a popular wellness travel destination. However, recently, other Indonesian islands have started to attract a crowd of new world travellers that expect more than the classic Balinese massage in the crowded hotels in Bali. One of these up and coming destinations is Sumba, just a 1 hour flight away from Bali.

The island has a unique proposition: being hotter and especially dryer than Bali, it has the perfect climate for outside wellness. Apart from the perfect weather, Sumba offers the ultimate tranquillity and unspoiled magic that Bali might have lost along the way.  


Maringi Spa, a unique relaxing experience

The Maringi Hotel Spa experience is not to be missed. From therapeutic massage to invigorating body treatments, each element of your spa visit is designed to stimulate the senses and nourish both body and mind. All treatments can be enjoyed in the beautiful open-air spa pavilion or, if you’re staying at the Maringi Hotel, in the privacy of your own room 

Our student-staff is made up of talented young women that appreciate your suggestions to optimize their skills! They are trained to become spa therapists in the most exclusive 5-star hotels all over the world.


Using more than 20 natural ingredients 

Four different oils are used at the spa: cananga, boreh spice, jasmine and lavender. These oils all have different purposes. Lavender is used for massages and facials alike, while the other oils can only be used for massages.  

Spa bottles


From cananga, a yellow flower that grows in Sumba (calming 


Boreh Spice

From ginger and coconut oil (releasing tension) 



From jasmine flower and coconut oil (romantic vibe) 



From lavender (relaxing) 


In hair and face treatments, we use a long list of other fresh organic ingredients, most of them straight from our garden: avocado, papaya, cucumber, banana, pineapple, kaolin clay, white root, carrot, coconut milk, lime, mint, and candlenut. After the treatment, guests get a revitalizing drink called jamu kunyit asam. It’s a herbal infusion containing fresh ingredients like tamarind, palm sugar, kaempferia galangal, white turmeric, and yellow turmeric.   


Want to experience this experience for all the senses for yourself? Book a spa treatment at Maringi Hotel now

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