Forget pilates in Bali: try Sumba instead

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For five years now, yoga teachers from all over the world have been using our Shala to house yoga classes for beginners and experts. Sumba has proven to be an excellent location for yoga: peaceful, secluded, and far off the beaten track. Many guests at Maringi have (re)discovered their love for yoga at the resort.  


Pilates at Sumba 

Recently, we invited a pilates trainer to introduce pilates to the remote island of Sumba. The ideal moment for a Pilates session is early in the morning, before the heat kicks in. Rest assured: your breakfast will taste better than ever after this pretty intense workout.  


Pilates and yoga: what’s the difference?

Both modalities and their various styles involve syncing body with breath and deliver a nice, long stretch. Many classes fuse elements of both, but pilates and yoga are not one and the same. 

Traditionally, pilates is more active than yoga. It’s also slow, but challenging for your body in a completely different way. In yoga, you hold static poses; in pilates you keep a steady pace. The moves are easy to learn and modify, no matter your age or ability. You can pick up your pace, add light dumbbells, or deepen your stretches for a better burn. Need to adjust for injury? No problem. Pilates is adaptable by design. 

Breathing techniques are also different, just like your post-workout glow. After yoga, you may want to slowly ease back into your day; whereas post-pilates you might feel full of energy. It’s the perfect start to a day full of activities, like cycling or visiting the Island of Sumba.  




What are the benefits of pilates? 

Improved alignment, posture, range of motion, and all-over strength are the most common results. Pilates is not known for dramatically dropping numbers on the scale like high-intensity interval workouts, but the short, repetitive movements get your heart pumping so you’ll definitely burn some calories. 

Those tiny moves also engage muscles head to toe. You’ll strengthen, lengthen, and tone. The soreness you’ll feel the next day means your muscles are recovering—and your new routine is working. Unlike running and other high-impact cardio that can put strain on your joints, pilates is performed close to the ground. You’ll be seated, balanced on your side, or laying on your back as you get in shape one stretch at a time. 

Last but not least, Pilates exercises are often recommended to ease muscle tension, joint stiffness, and back pain, and to help prevent injury. Make sure to consult with your healthcare provider first if you have any medical issues, though. 


Sumba: an epic spot for remote pilates or yoga

Bali has countless yoga and pilates retreats. However, for the ultimate disconnecting experience, Sumba is the place to be. For most Indonesia-travelers, the remote island of Sumba is the great unknown. Only one hour from Bali, Sumba is a whole new world. Expect the unexpected: discover the wonders of the island and make time to unwind with Yoga or Pilates on your next trip to Sumba.  

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