Exploring Sumba by bike: a unique experience

2 women on a bike

When you think of Indonesia, your mind probably wanders off to white-sanded beaches, surf breaks, beautiful rice paddies, or bustling Bali nightlife. The overcrowded Javanese cities with hectic traffic may even come to mind. The last thing you’ll think about is probably cycling. That’s not a big surprise. Although the Dutch introduced bicycles to Indonesia over 100 years ago, motorbikes have taken over and bicycles have become a rare sight in Indonesia. 

Fortunately, cycling is regaining momentum in Indonesia: especially road cycling and mountain biking are growing fast. It’s time to rethink your view on cycling in Indonesia! 


Can I bring my bicycle for a cycling trip in Sumba?

Yes, you can. Several airlines offer solutions for bringing your bicycle to Indonesia and to Sumba, and you can easily take a ferry for your island hopping too. Alternatively, you can also buy a decent mountain bike upon arrival in Java or Bali and use it for your trip. Polygon has proper road and mountain bikes and, because it’s an Indonesian brand, you pay half of what you would pay overseas for the same bicycle.



Sumba offers some unreal cycling possibilities

Because the Island of Sumba is more than twice the size of Bali but only has 650.000 inhabitants, the roads are quiet and you are surrounded by nature everywhere you go. This makes Sumba probably one of the safest choices for cycling trips in Indonesia. You’ll find a nice mix of paved, gravel, and sandy roads. Once you leave the paved roads, the only traffic you will encounter are horses, dogs, buffaloes, and the occasional farmer or fisherman. 


Can I rent a bicycle in Sumba?

At Maringi Sumba, we offer bicycles to our guests to make short trips to the beach and back. But you can also borrow a bicycle for longer trips. We provide you with a well-maintained sturdy mountain bike with Garmin GPS with pre-installed cycling trips. This way, you don’t have to worry about getting lost, especially if you don’t speak the local language. Just give it a try. Reserve a bicycle when you book your stay at Maringi Sumba or ask our staff when you’re staying with us. They will be happy to help you out. Enjoy the ride! 

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