Fall in love with Sumba, over and over again. Our students, coming from all corners of the island, are ready to take you behind the scenes and introduce you to the countless wonders of nature, the Sumbanese culture, delicious food, and so much more. From adventure, over culture, to the ultimate relaxation, we have it.

Sometimes, spontaneous ideas are the best ones. Just take one of our mountain bikes on a 10-minute ride to the beach to enjoy a stunning sunset. No need to make a reservation and no need to pay. The bicycles are at your disposal. Just ask one of our students, they’ll be happy to help you on the way.

Too hot to cycle? No problem, we provide a complimentary shuttle service to the beach. Jump in! 

Into something different? We are happy to prepare an unforgettable sunset experience on the beach, with snacks and our signature cocktails.

Please reserve a day in advance on-site or via WhatsApp. 

Best Indonesia beaches: The 6 most stunning beaches of Sumba

Some people say the beaches of Sumba are among the most beautiful in the world. Some other people … have not yet been to Sumba. It is indeed a well-kept secret that Sumba’s endless tropical coastline is out of this world. Most beaches are difficult to reach though, so here is our top 6 of…

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