Culture Deep-Dive

Fall in love with Sumba, over and over again. Our students, coming from all corners of the island, are ready to take you behind the scenes and introduce you to the countless wonders of nature, the Sumbanese culture, delicious food, and so much more. From adventure, over culture, to the ultimate relaxation, we have it.

Sprinkled throughout Sumba’s countryside are hilltop villages with thatched traditional clan houses clustered around unique megalithic tombs where villagers still pay homage to their ancestors in the ancient belief of Marapu and have retained most of the indigenous culture and traditions for generations. The island is also known for the precious art of Tenun Ikat handwoven fabric, and the origin of the strong and agile Sumba Ponies or Sandalwood Horses.

Let us take you on a deep-dive into Sumbanese culture. No need to pack lunch, let us surprise you in real Sumbanese style. Please reserve at least 2 days in advance on-site or via WhatsApp.

Some must-visit spots: 

  • Kampung Ratenggaro
  • Kampung Prai Ijing
  • Ikat weaving 
  • Pasar Tambolaka 
  • Pasola

Ikat weaving in Sumba: The secrets

Ikat fabrics have always fascinated people from all over the world when visiting South-East Asia. Although every region has a tradition in Ikat weaving, they all differ in way of working and, most of all, in color and designs. Some of the most remarkable Ikat’s in the world originate from Sumba. Discover the secret to…

Best Hotel in Sumba: Maringi Sumba in Condé Nast Traveller magazine

In the month of April renowned travel magazine ‘Condé nast Traveller’ published a beautiful article about our beloved Island, Sumba. Maringi Sumba was among the 4 must-stay hotels. With Nihi, Alamayah, and Cap Karoso we are definitely in good company. Honeslty, any hotel in that in that list could be the best hotel in Sumba.…

The Pasola Festival: Something you have never seen before!

If you have the freedom to choose your own timing to travel to Indonesia, make sure to be in Sumba in February or March. During these two months, a traditional rite takes place barely changed for thousands of years, in which spear-wielding horsemen charge at one another attempting to knock the other off his horse.…

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