Surfing Sumba - Maringi Sumba Hotel

Surfing in Sumba: All you need to know

Indonesia has a strong reputation when it comes to surfing. With Indonesia, people generally mean Bali. Not a big surprise because Bali has been a well-known surf paradise for decades. However, the great surf spots on the Island are often crowded with a dangerous mix of beginners and professionals. That’s exactly why remote Sumba should…

Ikat weaving in Sumba - Maringi Sumba Hotel

Ikat weaving in Sumba: The secrets

Ikat fabrics have always fascinated people from all over the world when visiting South-East Asia. Although every region has a tradition in Ikat weaving, they all differ in way of working and, most of all, in color and designs. Some of the most remarkable Ikat’s in the world originate from Sumba. Discover the secret to…

Best Indonesia Beaches - Maringi Sumba Hotel

Best Indonesia beaches: The 6 most stunning beaches of Sumba

Some people say the beaches of Sumba are among the most beautiful in the world. Some other people … have not yet been to Sumba. It is indeed a well-kept secret that Sumba’s endless tropical coastline is out of this world. Most beaches are difficult to reach though, so here is our top 6 of…

The Pasola Festival in Sumba - Maringi Hotel Sumba

The Pasola Festival: Something you have never seen before!

If you have the freedom to choose your own timing to travel to Indonesia, make sure to be in Sumba in February or March. During these two months, a traditional rite takes place barely changed for thousands of years, in which spear-wielding horsemen charge at one another attempting to knock the other off his horse.…

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