Are you looking to organise a yoga retreat in Bali? Hold up! We’ll list some great reasons to pick Sumba instead.    Why Sumba? Bali has tons of options when it comes to adequate venues, so why would you pick Sumba? If you’ve already had the pleasure of visiting Sumba, you
When you think of Indonesia, your mind probably wanders off to white-sanded beaches, surf breaks, beautiful rice paddies, or bustling Bali nightlife. The overcrowded Javanese cities with hectic traffic may even come to mind. The last thing you’ll think about is probably cycling. That’s not a big surprise. Although the Dutch
You probably already know Bali as a popular wellness travel destination. However, recently, other Indonesian islands have started to attract a crowd of new world travellers that expect more than the classic Balinese massage in the crowded hotels in Bali. One of these up and coming destinations is Sumba,
Indonesia has been a popular holiday destination for years. However, when people say they are planning to travel to Indonesia, 9 out of 10 they mean: Bali. Needless to say that Indonesia is so much more than the popular Island of Bali. Did you know Indonesia has mare than
For five years now, yoga teachers from all over the world have been using our Shala to house yoga classes for beginners and experts. Sumba has proven to be an excellent location for yoga: peaceful, secluded, and far off the beaten track. Many guests at Maringi have (re)discovered their
For many people, a holiday isn’t complete without an elaborate wellness experience. But where is the most relaxing place to vacation? Based on scores and reviews of all wellness activities on TripAdvisor, this is the 2022 top 3 of best wellness destinations in the world:    Thailand Indonesia Maledives  
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