Best Indonesia beaches: The 6 most stunning beaches of Sumba

Best Indonesia Beaches - Maringi Sumba Hotel

Some people say the beaches of Sumba are among the most beautiful in the world. Some other people … have not yet been to Sumba. It is indeed a well-kept secret that Sumba’s endless tropical coastline is out of this world. Most beaches are difficult to reach though, so here is our top 6 of best Sumbanese beaches you can reach. No doubt, they are also 6 of the best Indonesia beaches.


  1. Watu Bela Beach

In the south west of the island you will find the beautiful Watu Bela beach. Best known for the beautiful fine white sand and the beautiful white cliff. On top of the cliff you can buy a nice fresh coconut for refreshment.

Sumba Island Beaches


  1. Walakiri Beach

Walakiri Beach is popular for its breathtaking view during the sunset.

The beach itself is located in Watumbaka Village, East Sumba Regency. This beach is known to offer an unusual sunset view with a background you may rarely find anywhere. There are also small mangrove trees which become the iconic spots of the beach. It is a must to take photo there!

Best Indonia Beaches - Walakiri Beach


  1. Tarimbang Beach

Another best beach in Sumba Island is Tarimbang Beach. Tarimbang Beach is a beautiful beach located Tabundung Subdistrict, south of East Sumba.

This beach also has big waves that makes this beach a heaven for surfers. However, don’t worry if you do not know how to surf. You can do other things, such as relaxing on the beach or just spend your time taking a walk on the beach.


  1. Mandorak Beach

Located near to famous Weekuri Lake, Mandorak Beach is another signature tourist site in Southwest Sumba Regency in Indonesia. It is located in Kalena Rongo Village and belongs to North Kodi Sub-District.

Even though Mandorak Beach doesn’t have a long shore, it is surrounded by big coral reefs. The weak waves make the water suitable for swimming and snorkelling. The most common activity to do in Mandorak Beach is definitely sunset watching: it is worth the wait!


  1. Bwanna Beach

Bwanna Beach (or Banna Beach) is located in Kodi Balagar sub-district, Southwest Sumba Regency. The beach has a high cliff with a hole in the center and becomes the most hit photo spot for photographers, influencers, and travelers.

Bwanna Beach is famous for its clean and beautiful environment but it’s quite a hike to get to the beach because road access is limited, making bwanna beach untouched by development. The white sand beaches surrounded by high sturdy cliffs enhance the beauty of this beach.


  1. Ratenggaro Beach

This is not your typical tropical beach, but really deserves to be one listed as one of the best Indonesia beaches. Ratenggaro Beach is a blend of natural and cultural tourism because right next to the beach you can see the traditional village of Kampung Ratenggaro with unique and historic stone tombs right on the beach.

The beach is huge and clean but the charm of the beach is without any doubt Kampung Ratenggaro and the tombs from the megalithic era that date back 4,500 years!

Best Indonesia Beaches - Ratenggaro Beach


Come on! Visit Sumba and do not miss this unforgettable wonders of nature!

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